15th International Students' Film Festival

June 2013

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Set Management and Breakdown

The official opener of the festival, which was displayed at the beginning of each movie participating in the festival, and served as the campaign for the largest students' film festival of its kind in the world.

April 2016
Set Management and Breakdown

Ad campaign for MadaTech, The Haifa Science Museum, which was creayed by the post-production and advertising company Bakery and funded by Keshet (Channel 12).



In addition to managing the sound and picture editing and the subtitles, I organized the premiere night and ran the PR for the event. Here is an example.



A special series of short documentary films on immigrants and migrants in the 21st century 


The 5 short film was produced by Channel 8, Gaudamos, and a number of Israeli film foundations. It was first presented at the International Students' Film Festival. The movies displayed in the project have been nominated to many festivals worldwide.


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