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About Me

Hi, I'm Regev (Reggie),

I have been creating videos for more than 10 years with extensive production experience both in pre- & post-production. I am a graduate of Tel Aviv University with a BFA in Film Production and have been a member of Filmshop, an independent community of filmmakers, for several years.

As part of my experience, I've worked as a director for a sports TV channel where I broadcasted many hours of international satellite broadcasts, as a Videographer for social media and streaming programs broadcast from New York, and as an independent filmmaker. My short film, Moving Day, was officially selected by
more than 20 festivals across the US.

In recent years, I have focused on video editing and motion graphics design. As part of the creative
 teams at ClearMix and KWT Global, I created brand kits for dozens of companies, some of which are well-known enterprise companies.

My main work skills include proficiency at:

  • Video/audio editing- in Adobe Premiere Pro & Audition.
    Also in Final Cut. 

  • Motion graphic design and animation -
    in Adobe After Effects & Maxon Cinema 4D

  • Color correction- in DaVinci Resolve 

In the coming years, I see myself continuing to express my passion for

videos while emphasizing my experience in creating professional content

of any kind.


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"Reggie is an amazingly talented video and motion graphics editor. He has an incredible attitude and is always creative with ideas and new ways of doing things.

He has a knack for creating efficient processes in order to make our operations much faster for clients." 

"Working with Regev was one of my best experiences with a teammate. Always thinking ahead on how to help the company and his team to take that step forward.
An amazing mograph artist with super quick turnarounds. If you need an artist and an amazing team player, that's Regev!"

"Reggie brought a level of professionalism and polish to our team. He would often take on initiatives to improve how we deliver motion graphics to our customers."

"Hiring Regev was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. During our time working together, he produced high-quality professional motion graphics for dozens of startups and enterprise companies. He also took the initiative to produce training materials for other editors. I would definitely work with him again."


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