About Regev Berkovitz


I graduated from Tel-Aviv University in 2016 as a film major. During my studies, I created a number of short films, which I wrote and directed, and took part in numerous productions of narrative films as a set manager.

As a freelancer, I managed many productions and sets as an Assistant Director, including short films, an Israeli drama series, a feature-length film, a commercial, and more. In 2015, I started working at the Israeli cable network ONE Sports Portal as a videoswitcher and a Technical Director, in addition to other roles on the channel’s broadcast van.

I moved to New York City in 2016, and have been continuing to pursue my passion for film and television production ever since, both independently and professionally.

In 2018 I became a member of FILMSHOP. I am working there on projects that are under development and that will be filmed in New York in 2021.




Without Notice


"Without Notice" is a short film that was intended to be the pilot of an internet series at its inception. It is a parody inspired by the housing situation of Tel-Aviv's young population. The idea was to create an eccentric character whose inner logic turns the whole situation into utter madness.

Produced and Directed by Regev Berkovitz

Written by

Tomer Shem Tov


Tomer Shem

Naama Iacobovich


Eli Ozer


Ariella Abramoff


Created and play by

Regev Berkovitz

Editor and CG

Eli Ozer


Omri Ben Dor

Eli ozer


cinema rama

Cinema Rama was created for an editing class, in which I was asked to create a short clip of no more than ten shots, dealing with memory. I used this opportunity to create a homage to an old cinema near my apartment at the time, which was about to be demolished. The idea was to try to capture all of the beautiful moments that existed at the cinema while it was active, and to show that from now on they will exist only in memory. It was important to me to create a tribute to this historic place that once displayed movies, and now serves as an exclusive housing complex. 


2 bedroom apartment

Produced, written

and Directed by:

Adi Misnayot

Regev Berkovitz


Dan Messer
 Gilad Lusting

Illy Auerbach



Adi Jacky Rotem


Eli Ozer

I created this movie together with Adi Mishnayot as part of a directing course we took, in which we were asked to create a film with three characters. The basic idea while writing the script was to make a fun film that doesn't take itself too seriously.


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